For the Yorkie Shopping Addict—Fashions for your dog

So we ALL know how much fun it is to dress up our little Yorkie babies.  So in the spirit of Yorkies Anonymous I am sharing some really nice places to shop.  I will include places I have purchased from as well as places my Yorkie friends have purchased from.  Remember in Yorkies Anonymous we make direct purchases on line and sometimes go into stores in search of the perfect items.  I will include etsy, ebay, online stores etc.  Please feel free to add your comments with any other suggestions of places you like to shop.  We have to all support each other with finding that perfect bow or outfit for our little darlings.

1.  For some beautiful hand made clothes please visit Beth’s Post Pets on both Etsy and Facebook

2.  Another favorite is PC Dog Clothes.  They have their own website but you can also find their products on Ebay under The Doggie Closet.

3.  I have bought several little dresses from Lilly’s Wardrobe on Ebay .  They are well made and priced reasonably as well .

4.  On Facebook there is Crista Gorman who designs some beautiful handmade outfits.  You can find her work on Sweethearts Only Auction on Facebook.   They are stunning.  You will need to join the group to bid and purchase.

5.  For bows I normally buy from ebay.  There are multiple stores that offer reasonably priced bows with alligator clips, french barrettes, and rubber bands.   But here is a store on Etsy  that looks interesting to me as well.

6.  Now let’s talk about hats.  Hats are a very important fashion accessory especially when doing photo shoots with your yorkie.  I’m going to ask you to share links with me of any you have found as there are not enough good places to purchase hats I have found so far.   So I am asking for your help with this important category.  We need links for hats.



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The 12 Steps of Yorkies Anonymous



The 12 steps of Yorkies Anonymous

1. We admited we were powerless over Yorkies and Our lives had become unmanageable.

2. Came to believe that a power greater than us could restore us to sanity. (More Yorkies)

3. Made a decision to turn our lives and our will over to the care of yorkies as they understand us.

4. Made a searching and fearless inventory of our Yorkie Accessories and decided we needed more.

5. Admitted to God, to ourselves, and another Yorkie owner the exact extent of our yorkie clothing collection.

6. Refused to ask God to remove our Yorkie shopping addiction. What is the point of a Yorkie if you can’t buy it stuff?

7. Humbly asked God to help us find the next cute outfit or toy to purchase. And Prayed our friends would share the links when they found such items.

8. Made a list of all the cutest outfits and toys and beds we want to buy.

9. Made direct purchases online when we found cute items, and physically went to the stores when products weren’t available on line.

10. Continued to take inventory of our outfits and when a new one came out purchased it right away.

11. Sought thru friends and online sights to improve our collection of yorkie ‘stuff’ and to improve on our grooming abilities.

12. Having had a ‘Spiritual Awakening” as the direct result of owning yorkies and spoiling them rotten, we pledged to carry this message to other Yorkie addicts and help them find all the good websites to purchase stuff for their Yorkies Princes and Princesses. And to Practice our Grooming skills with all of our heart and follow these principles in all our affairs.


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