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Immunization Schedule

2nd Da2PP

3rd DA2pp




4 Weeks After 1st


Usually about 1 month after you pickup your new puppy




4 Weeks After 2nd


No Rabies at the Same Time


Do Not Allow a 4th DA2pp




4 Weeks after last Puppy Booster








Schedule annual Visits 12 Months after Last Puppy for DA2PP Booster


Schedule Visit for Rabies

12 Months after Last Rabies





->  Yorkshire Terriers never get Lepto Vaccine

->  Always give .4 CC after every vaccination of children's Benadryl.

->  Do Not Allow 3rd DA2pp and Rabies at the Same Time ->  Do Not allow a 4th Set of Puppy Vaccines.  Scientific studies have shown this is excessive immunizations.

At 4-5 Months Have Heartworm test and place on Heartworm preventative and Flea medication.

Schedule your neutering/microchip and Dental at 10-12 Months. Yorkies tend to retain puppy teeth and having them extracted will be necessary to maintain dental health.  The new science indicates that puppies "Benefit" from the hormones released during puberty.  So having  them neutered at the same time as their microchip and puppy teeth extractions (if any) is cost effective and better for your new puppy. The 3 Year Rabies is fine as it contains the same dose as the one year.  The 2 year DA2PP is fine.  Both are usually offered by your Vet AFTER the initial 1st year boosters.

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