At Gator Garden Yorkies

We have both traditional and non traditional Yorkies

that are members of our family.  


What we mean by "Traditional" yorkies are the ones you generally think of when you think Yorkshire Terrier.  The adorable blue and gold or black and tan yorkies you see watching the dog shows on television.  What we mean by Non-traditional are the ones that are different than the norm.  The Parti colored, the Chocolate, the Sable or Gold colored Yorkies.  To me they are just as beautiful as the traditional yorkies, and in some cases are even more beautiful.  And while its true you cannot show these colors they are popular and beautiful and since I"ve always been a bit of a rebel and could care less what "people" tell me I should or shouldn't do I have these beautiful lines available.  A parti yorki has while on its coat.  The other colors can be traditional colors, chocolate or sable or gold.  The Tater man is an example of a parti yorkie. 

A chocolate yorkie is liver colored with a brown nose and sometimes green or lighter colored eyes.  Miss Cape Honeysuckle is an example of a Chocolate Parti Yorkie. 
A sable colored yorkie is a brown color at birth that lightens up to a gold color.  Wilbur is an example of a Sable parti yorkie  They still have a black nose however not brown like the chocolates 
Hopefully that clears that all up for you.  The thing to remember is all these dogs can still be registered with AKC and are in fact pure bred Yorkies.