• FAQs: Frequently Asked Questions
  • 1. How much do puppies cost?

    Puppies will range in price depending on multiple factors such as size, color, sex, appearance etc. Contact us for questions.
  • 2. How much does it cost to hold a puppy?

    To hold a puppy, I require a 300 dollar non-refundable deposit.  This is non-refundable because I take the puppy off the market and should you change your mind I would have lost sales opportunities. 

  • 3. How big will my puppy get?

    There are tracking charts that are helpful to 'estimate' an eventual size, but that is all it is an estimate.  Nobody can predict the future and there is no way that I can either.  So any projected size is just a 'best guess' and nothing more. 
    here is a link to a good tracker  http://www.puppyweights.com/
  • 4. Do you ship your puppies?

    I do not ship my puppies because I want to meet you and find out where my puppy will be living and who they will be living with. Also the stress of leaving their home and mother is enough without adding additional stress to their little systems. 

  • 5. Do you have a health warranty?

    A state of Florida Health Certificate is provided with each puppy..... Health Warranty

  • 6. What type of training do you recommend?

    I am against any type of negative training.  If you are a strict disciplinarian perhaps this isn't the breed for you.  A book I recommend everyone read is   
    I also live with African Grey Parrots and I incorporate a lot of training methods I have learned with them with working with my yorkies.  Which is basically patience, slow desensitization, and did I say patience?
  • 7. What type of food do you use for your Yorkies?

    I personally use two product lines.  I use Fromm's gold dry food and I also use Royal Canin.   I use the Fromm's gold dry puppy small size because I really liked the company and the ingredients in that food.  I use the Royal Canin because the dogs really like it.  And they have good products for mothers and babies.  I like the puppy wet food with the appetite stimulation because sometimes Yorkies can be finicky eaters and I find it very helpful.

  • 8. Do you keep your dogs in crates?

    No I have a couple crates to be used for short time outs but for puppies I use a play pen.  When I use a crate I keep the door open so the dog can come and go as they wish.  It is more of a den for them, a safe place if you will.  I don't believe in locking a dog down for any length of time. 

  • 9. Are your puppies socialized?

    Yes absolutely!!  My puppies are raised as family members and receive lots of cuddling and holding.  They will come to you pre-spoiled.